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Graphics & Branding

A picture is worth a thousand words only if it gets noticed.

Do your customers know your company by your logo the way they know you by your face? Can they recite your tagline?

Can you?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, then my friend, we need to get you a new Logo & Branding package ASAP!

Your brand is the face of your business. It should be the perfect combination of words, colors, fonts and pictures that shows your customers what you do, and that you do it better than the competition.

It should be eye-catching and memorable. Your customers should think of it when they think of the products or services you sell. And your tagline should roll of their tongues like honey.

Let's Build Your Brand.

The Melisa Kirby Creative Graphic Design Team builds beautiful branding concepts for clients ranging from physicians and dentists, restaurants and bars, clothing, sports and recreation stores, software and mobile apps, real estate agents, mortgage brokers and even payday lenders.

If your business doesn't have a fantabulous brand to capture your audience, we can help. After all, you're the best at what you do, right? Your brand should look like it.

But we won't stop there. When your project calls for eye-catching graphics to engage, educate, convert, sell and support your customers, the Melisa Kirby Creative Graphics Team is ready and waiting to create your mobile app icons, your marketing slicks, your ads, displays and so much more.

Let's Get to Work!

If your project needs pretty pictures that get noticed and remembered, we can help! Call us or drop us a line.We're ready!

Let's Get Started

Websites & Blogs

Is your digital house ready for guests?

Your website is your digital storefront. Your business home on the worldwide web. It needs to be alluring, engaging and powerfully effective.

It must be responsive, meaning it looks and works great on any device, from a desktop computer to the latest mobile gadget.

It must be updated regularly with compelling content targeting your audience. It must have an active blog integrated with active and interesting social media sites. And it must have one-click access to your phone, email, and sign-up form.


If your website is missing critical ingredients to compete in today's marketing jungle, then the Melisa Kirby Creative team can help you clean your house and get ready for the marketing party of the century.

Responsive Branding Is A Must!

Let's Clean Your House.

The most important ingredient to killer website results is a killer website design. We are experts in building search engine-optimized and responsive websites to drive maximum conversions.

Let's Get to Work!

If your business needs a magnetic website that attracts traffic and converts customers, we can help. Call us or drop us a line. We're ready.

Search Engine Optimization

Every business needs cost-effective organic and qualified leads.

The best investment you can make in your marketing efforts to generate leads is search engine optimization. Your investment in SEO now provides the highest long-term return than any other single online marketing tool.

Without smart search engine optimization, you simply can't compete online.

The Melisa Kirby Creative team includes dedicated, experienced analysts working on your SEO daily. And we stand behind our results. If your page isn't ranking in first page search results within six months, we'll work for free until it is. Guaranteed.

Let's Make Your Business Visible.

Our team of search engine optimization experts will evaluate your current placement and recommend a strategy designed to outrank your competition.

Let's Get to Work!

If your business needs a magnetic website that attracts traffic and converts customers, we can help! Call us or drop us a line. We're ready!

Social Media Management

Active and effective social media management is not an option. It's an essential.

Search engine rankings and your online reputation are directly impacted by your social media management efforts. If you aren't blogging and tweeting and Facebook posting, it's going to hurt your ranking soon. Very soon.

Our team at Melisa Kirby Creative are social media management butterflies and reputation management ninjas. We'll make sure your social pages are active, and we'll make sure your customers are not only connecting with you in the social world, but helping to spread the good word about your business.

Let's Get to Work!

If your business needs to kick up its social instincts with killer content to capture and engage your audience, you've come to the right place. Call us or drop us a line. We're ready! We're masters at the social butterfly thing.

Content & Message

Killer content can take your business from just another kid on the block to the big man (or woman) on campus. And isn't that the goal?

At Melisa Kirby Creative, our copywriters write just about everything needed for effective business marketing. Business, Politics, Healthcare, Wellness, Travel, Leisure, Food, Restaurant Reviews, Product Brochures, Lifestyle and more. We write the words to make your business great online, on paper and on air.

We blog. We write website content, social media posts and email campaigns. We write speeches, scripts, white papers and marketing slicks. We post online reviews and we answer reviews.

We adopt the voice that represents you and your business with excellence. We work on time, on budget, always. And we never, ever, ever outsource to India.


Let's Get to Work!

If your business needs the right words to pitch a product or service or idea, drop us a note. We love powerful words that work.

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